• Hydro Excavators

    Single, tandem, and tri drives available.

  • Vacuum Trailers

    Polished Stainless Steel

  • Slide-in Units

    300 to 2500 US Gallons

  • Portable Restroom Trucks

    of all sizes. Full heat packages.

  • Dodge 5500 Cab and Chassis

    built to your specifications.

  • New Vacuums & Great Used Chassis

    Call for immediate availability.

  • Refurbish your Current Equipment

    Sometimes the best option when your vacuum system is good.

2024 is here and days are getting longer!

The days are getting longer again and spring will be here before we know it. Make sure you are ready for what is sure to be a busy season.  As we think about equipment supply and availability we can see some relief in chassis availability, especially Dodge and Ford Chassis, perfect for the 999 Stainless Steel toilet servicing unit that is our signature product. Check out the specs on the attached pages. With the factory expansion coming on stream we are seeing lead times close to 90 days for tank systems and chassis will be on the ground in days. We are also offering a selection of used chassis with new vacuum tank systems. We strongly suggest you look at your equipment and deal with changes that need to be made before we reach spring next year.

The toilet servicing market is very strong and will continue strong across Canada certainly in the near term…just look at planned housing starts and infrastructure changes badly needed in our country, and remember each project requires a toilet system that meets changing regulations…Be ready to meet that demand.

Slide-ins continue to move well and are a LOW PRICE OPTION for many start-ups, back up units or for various vacuum applications requiring compact and mobile vacuum capabilities. We are working to lower lead times on them as well but demand continues to push the supply. We have a number of sources for used equipment and are able to meet most needs so please contact us.

And…ONCE AGAIN…Thanks for your business and on-going support! We’re celebrating 14 very fun years and a significant sales milestone so stay tuned for that!


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