And... because of our special factory discounts matched by strict control of our overheads, in many cases we can sell to you at prices equal to or below factory direct but yet we manage the entire order for you. 

Septic Trucks: We are honoured to be the Canadian distributor for Flowmark Vacuum Trucks and KeeVac Industries. We now sell stainless steel tanks at aluminum prices, and carbon steel tanks. We will work to design the best product for your needs and budget. We have access to new and used trucks. 

Trailers: New and used equipment DOT/Non-DOT as needed. Aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel options. 

Portable Restroom Trucks: Once again, we are the Canadian Distributor for Flowmark Vacuum Trucks and KeeVac Industries. We offer a variety of portable restroom units designed specifically for you. We can alter the combination of water/waste on all sizes, add dual service for ease of operation and more flexibility/efficiency, install any pump and build with restroom carriers. We now sell stainless steel tanks at aluminium prices and carbon steel tanks. 

Hydro-Excavators: No doubt the hottest product today. We can order top quality units to fit your needs at great pricing or help you source an in stock unit. We have single axle units right up to the huge tandem/tridem designs.

DOT Certified Vacuum Trucks: Full line of new and used DOT certified mobile vacuum equipment.

Industrial Vacuums: Full line of new and used industrial vacuum equipment including Hurricane 600/500.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Units: Guzzlers, Cusco Mastervacs, Presvac PowerVacs - we can supply them all.

Chassis Available: We can offer you a full range of chassis for your truck, International, Peterbilt, Ford, Kenworth at great pricing, or better yet, we buy the chassis at the dealership of your choice.

Oil Field Equipment: Trailers, equipment haulers, winch tractors, combination units, straight vacs. 

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